NoteBook FanControl 1.6

NoteBook FanControl 1.6

Free Manages the coolers in the user's notebooks
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Stefan Hirschmann
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Gain full control over your notebook's fans and turn them on and off or modify the speed with which they operate. The tool includes numerous configurations for getting the notebook to the desired temperature and supports a wide variety of laptop makers and models.

NoteBook FanControl gives comprehensive control over the fan speed settings of laptops. It comes with configuration settings of several popular laptop models and manufacturers. You can run this program under read-only mode to simply monitor the CPU temperature and fan speed, without changing the RPM.

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rating bugspotted
My experience: Installed 3 months ago. Today I had an issue, my laptop shut down in <1 minute. After 3 hours of searching on Internet and troubleshooting I figured out that Notebook Fan Control Service that belonged to this software caused the issue. After disabling service and uninstalling the software everything is ok again.

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rating JK
I have only had my Asus Vivobook 14 X420UA a few months and after the first month the fan noise started to make scratchy noises. It became worse by every day to the point that I was embarrassed having to open my pc during lectures, since everyone kept looking at my pc. I've tried several methods but only downloading this software helped my pc to fix the noise issue, which is a miracle. Even though the program didn't specifically have my model it still worked with the option of Vivobook S400CA.

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rating Übeyd Söylemezoğlu
For the first time last in last 2 years my laptop fan is not working on full speed. But as there was not Acer 8950g in the device list, I use the configuration for 1810 tz. It is not working perfectly. But still something. I change my fan, heat sink. Nothing works until now. Now only my fan slow down no problem at temperature. But current fan speed displayed 0.0% or %100. If it is possible can you just add 8950g to your list please. So it will work better.

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